A Veterans Day message

On Veterans Day, we received a beautiful message from a combat veteran, asking how he can get involved in @home. His generosity and passion to keep on serving is truly extraordinary, and the movement to end homelessness is lucky to have another wonderful advocate on board. Read on:

I am a currently in the military-army. I will be honorably discharged January 17, 2014. I saw your program on the internet today. Sharing is great and all, but how can I HELP?! Being a combat veteran, there would be no great joy for me than helping those who have served before, those who have given so much for our nation.

I will be moving to Waco Tx. I will be going on terminal leave around the 20th of December. Which means that I will be getting home right before Christmas. A holiday of joy for many of us, but sadness for so many others. I would like nothing more than to give joy to veterans on that day. Is there anybody in Texas I can get in touch with? Anybody who's sole purpose and focus is on our veterans? A company or organization that I can volunteer for year round? 

Any and all help/information on this matter would be more than appreciated. 

Thank you so much for what you are doing. Words cannot describe how I feel about your organization.

Logan M.
U.S. Army

There are so many great ways to help our veterans, and homeless veterans, every day of the year. Check out Joining Forces, Volunteers of America, or the Veterans Crisis Line for ways to get involved.