Report-back: Community Screening in Syracuse

On Friday, November 22nd, @home premiered for a community screening in Syracuse, NY, for hundreds of advocates and homeless individuals. Alan Thornton, CEO of the Syracuse Rescue Mission, wrote a beautiful blog post about how the film was received — and the impact the screening has already had on one homeless couple in their city.

Read on:

There but by the grace of God go I…

This past week was National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. I want to thank everyone that participated in the different events which culminated Friday evening at the Palace Theatre for the CNY premiere of @home. Over 330 people came out to see the documentary and interact with Mark Horvath, the subject of the movie and Founder of Invisible People. Mark was joined in the panel discussion by John Ashmen of Association of Gospel Rescue Missions, Dr. Alejandro Garcia of Syracuse University, Linda Wright of Salvation Army, and me. @home shines a light on the complexity of homelessness but it also demonstrates that solutions do exist when individuals get involved and communities rally together.

The day after the movie I received an email from Tammy, our Thrifty Shopper manager in Binghamton who had attended the movie premiere with her husband. A homeless couple, living in their truck with no heat walked into her store on Saturday after not being able to find assistance and a place to stay. Tammy provided them with some warm clothes, some food to eat and then worked tirelessly to help find them a place for the night. Working with Rebecca, our Binghamton Program Manager, the couple was able to spend a few nights in a warm hotel room, and through community coordination, will have access to temporary housing while they begin to receive the support they need to move into a more permanent situation. This couple will spend Thanksgiving with a roof over their head as they begin their journey out of homelessness because Tammy felt compassion and was determined to help this couple, inspired by the movie @home.

There but by the grace of God go I… it’s a common phrase but one that rings so true on the issues of hunger and homelessness. Job loss, illness, accident; any number of things can happen that cause us to realize just how fragile life is and how homelessness can happen to anyone. 

We're continuing to do community screenings around the country. Stay tuned for ways you can get involved!