ANNOUNCING: @home's Broadcast Premiere on WTTW-11!


We’re thrilled to announce the broadcast premiere of @home on WTTW-Chicago on Wednesday, December 17th at 9 p.m.! 

It’s a wonderful feeling being able to share this beautiful film with friends and family throughout Chicagoland, and to use this story to raise awareness about those who are in need during the holidays.

@home amplifies the power of Mark Horvath’s work and explores how social media and digital advocacy can challenge stereotypes and catalyze change for this issue, so often misunderstood and ignored. We’ve been very heartened by a lot of great press coming in about the film’s power, including this uplifting review from the American Library Association. 
To build on Mark’s model, we’re partnering with local homeless service organizations to run a social media campaign during the holiday season using #Thankful4Home asking folks to share why they’re thankful for a home during Thanksgiving and through the New Year. The campaign is part of a social media training program for local nonprofits to build social media expertise to better fundraise for their work and advocate for the homeless.
All of this buzz around homelessness during the holiday season will provide a much-needed jumping off-point for Chicagoans to discuss ways to help the homeless in their communities, including volunteering, advocacy, and fundraising for individuals and organizations in need. 

So save the date (December 17th at 9p.m.!) and join the conversation using #Thankful4Home as you head to your version of home for the holidays.

Thanks for everything!

- The @home team

P.S. — The waiting game for @home DVDs is over! Order your copy now.