@home is airing on public television stations around the country!

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@home began as a film following the work of e-activist Mark Horvath. Mark has experienced the highs and lows of the American dream, from a successful career in television to barely surviving, homeless and addicted, on Hollywood Boulevard. But he found his voice again when he hit the streets, armed with a digital camera and a smartphone, to talk to homeless people about their own experiences. Today, he's the online voice of his cause, and he's bringing their stories to millions on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. The @home documentary follows him on a road trip across the country, from Los Angeles to Arkansas to Pittsburgh, as he makes homelessness in America visible.

Mark’s story, and the stories of the many faces of homelessness we meet in @home, have the power to engage communities in talking about homelessness — its causes and solutions — and to create a renewed sense of empowerment to tackle this crisis.